Our Forums

Learning from our peers
The Renaissance Forum provides an opportunity for leaders to get together with their peers in a totally private forum setting.

Only leaders are involved: they are the gateways to influence in our wider society. Leaders from the private, public and charitable sectors are all welcomed at our forums.

The Renaissance Forum is managed on a regional basis across Europe with local hosts organising forums in their own countries and cities. Events are held in congenial and comfortable local venues. At present, forums are held in English, German and Hungarian - assistance is welcomed in translating curricula into other languages. Trained and experienced facilitators are drawn from across Europe.

Forums have a very accessible style.  Modelled on the ancient Greek agora or public square, all views and opinions are relevant. It is not the role of the facilitators to lecture or to lead a particular view.  Rather, their role is to guide participants through the key issues, to pose questions and tease out participants’ own opinions.  In this way the participants themselves energise the discussion and learn and reflect on the views of their peers.  Discussion is focused on well-balanced curricula, each reflecting themes of relevance to today’s society. Each curriculum contains stimulatingly divergent points of view, represented in extracts from the ancient classics and great works of more recent times.

Forums vary in duration.  Some are short breakfast events with discussion focusing upon extracts from the works of one or two writers.  Others may extend over a day or whole weekend, studying a full curriculum and often with a notable guest speaker for an evening.

To contact a local host or see what forums are coming up see our forthcoming events.