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Breakfast forum

Geneva Study Group

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07:30 WCC, Route de Ferney 150
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Thu 21 Sep
Breakfast Forum

Leadership with Purpose and Character

Participants in this forum will receive five extracts from stories written by some of the most distinguished writers of recent times.  (Time limitation may mean that only four are discussed in the forum.)  They are:

William Golding (he of Lord of the Flies) relates the story of Dean Jocelyn’s passion and energy for his project The Spire.  But can he convince others of the merit of his vision?  Can he succeed in delivering it?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in The Oak and the Calf considers how we cope when external circumstances in our lives overwhelm us.  What sources of strength can we call upon?  And does our character matter?

Robert Musil asks in The Man without Qualities ‘who is the real person’?  What distinguishing marks help us to identify personal qualities in ourselves and in others?

C S Lewis explores in The Great Divorce the sorts of tools that help us develop a strong and good character.  In this little drama he shows how one of them, the willingness to say ‘no’ in pursuit of a greater good, might help.

Philip Hallie in Lest Innocent Blood be Shed shows character can reveal itself most clearly when we are under pressure.  Against all the powers of terror, might and authority the ordinary people of Le Chambon did the extraordinary …  Why?  How?

The forum is for just two hours.  The impact of these readings will last much longer.

08:00 (Light breakfast from 07:30) The Carlton Club, 69 St James's Street, London SW1A 1PJ
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Tue 3 Oct
Evening Forum

The Qualities of a Leader

This forum will discuss just two extracts which focus on vision, conviction and character as key features of leadership.  Robert Musil’s modern masterpiece ‘The Man Without Qualities’ explores selfhood and its erosion of character, whilst the great biographer William Manchester looks at the life and leadership of Winston Churchill – ‘The Last Lion’.

18:30; finger buffet from 18:00 The Mount, Woodstock Link, Belfast,
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