Gaining wider perspectives to help foster societal good
The Renaissance Forum helps leaders and people of influence in all walks of life to gain wider perspectives - in their lives, in their decision-making, for their people and in their contribution to society as a whole.

We provide opportunities for leaders to come together to share thoughts on some of the key issues in our society today. In this context, all are teachers and all are learners. These discussions take place in our forums and are triggered by the study of short extracts drawn from the works of great thinkers and leaders of the last 2,500 years. These include Socrates, Machiavelli, Siddartha, Safi-ur-Rahman, Thomas More, Tolstoy, Carnegie, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill – amongst a library of some 200 texts. Forums are facilitated by trained and experienced fellow leaders.

Whatever your values and beliefs about life and leadership, all are welcomed by The Renaissance Forum. Within forums the rich colour and variety of perspectives that discussion generates often brings clarity to one’s own thoughts. Forums also bring a realisation that a clearer world view can provide a more robust basis upon which to make the weighty decisions that are needed in our everyday life and work.

See a synopsis of key features here or contact us to find out more or look at our forthcoming events.