Support Us

Help us to extend our work across Europe
The Renaissance Forum is operated by volunteers who give freely of their time and talents.

Forum participants are not expected to pay for the curricula or for the facilitation of the forums themselves.  The only costs that participants incur are for their share of forum venue and associated food and beverage costs.

Even so, the organisation does incur modest running costs. For it to be sustained and developed it depends entirely upon the donations of friends and those attending its forums.

£50 will sustain the organisation for a day or two
£500 will enable a new forum to be prepared and launched
£5,000 or more will fund the preparation of a major new curriculum

All assistance in meeting these costs is appreciated. If you would like to make a gift to The Renaissance Forum please see the one-page guide that you can download here. The guide explains how you can make direct transfers into the organisation’s bank account from any country and how you can help The Renaissance Forum to recover tax on your donation if you are a UK resident.

You can also donate any amount online from any country using the PayPal link below.  Please note that this method of making you gift will involve you and us in a small PayPal charge.