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what's the problem …. ME

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    Colleagues and new friends … thank you for a great discussion at the TRF in Belfast last evening. I feel really challenged by what we read and what we discussed together. Thank you for being such good teachers!

    While I can pontificate about the failures of others to fix the wrongs in the world, and especially those far away from me, I need to face up to being a frequent bystander in relation to the wrongs, injustices and hurts around me. As I reflected more on the Ringle reading re Dallaire, I think some of the anger, frustration and despair emanates from the fact that he (and I) don’t do the little he or I could have done. So I start today by asking to be more sensitive, more aware, more courageous and to do what Telemachus did ….. get on with it! Take the risk of doing what I can do in my sphere of influence today!

    Institutions are great scapegoats as well as in reality often real barriers to change but they are full of people – some of whom are not great thinkers and who have become acculturated to their organisation. I think I have at times also …. I need regular vaccinations in order to keep my immunity to group think and so retain some independence of mind and action. Hannah Arendt summarised the dilemma of being an Eichmann so well. Another serious challenge! What is the best active vaccine?

    Does anyone else feel the same after last night’s discussion?

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