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An open, public space for free thinking – thank you!

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    How refreshing to find a public space that is open to discussion of some of the great philosophical questions. Contemporary society rushes past, and that in itself conspires against finding time and space to engage in some of the deeper issues we all face. And then, of course, we are often cowed into going along with the prevailing view because we don’t often find ourselves in a place that is welcome and tolerant of all perspectives. All of which makes the work that Renaissance Forum is pioneering at once both urgent and timely – and most enriching. I hope to keep in touch and be involved, for it truly is refreshing to have the opportunity to sit down with people with differing views across creed and culture, and learn from one another in friendship and openness and tolerance, and with a commitment to examining our lives and searching for truth. For now, though, best wishes as you develop this work in the UK and Europe. Many thanks on this great initiative.


    Thank you Peter for your encouraging comments. They are really appreciated. We regret taking a while to respond: TRF is in its early stages of growth and more hands are required! Those of us involved have in other contexts been engaged in this kind of thought and activity for some years. Your comment that TRF is timely reflects our own view that the world and particularly its leaders – great and small – could often value from the broadening of perspective that we hope comes from our work. Since you wrote we now achieved charity status, we have a Twitter site – @trfeurope – and a Facebook page. With our infrastructure in place we can concentrate on getting people like yourself blogging, tweeting and posting and on the main task of increasing the number of forums and the attendances at them. We hope to see you at one of them and we would certainly be pleased to hear from you if you want to get involved.


    Peter, thank you. I confess to needing this space. I rush along and get sucked into a cultural norm – be it a team or an organisation or institution. What is it that makes us go into ‘group think’ so readily. I wouldn’t call myself idle, because I work hard. But maybe I don’t take time to think hard! To analyse what I am taking for granted in the group think. To check it out against my values. To consider the longer term impacts of the direction we are travelling etc.
    I attended a Forum earlier this week and it brought me up short. We read and discussed Ringle on Dallaire and Hannah Arendt on Eichmann. Two short and quite shocking little extracts. They really challenged me. For the sake of a relatively quiet life I go along with the norm. I easily become a bystander. I too readily blame others for not taking action in their big spheres of influence when I have not taken action in my small one.
    As I write that it rings a bell …. isn’t there a story told about ‘taking the beam out of your own eye before taking the speck out of someone else’s?’.
    I look forward to further discussions.

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